“Professional son for hire”

Sometimes people ask, “So, uh, what is a fiduciary? I’ve never heard of that.” Will’s reply is along the lines of, “Think of me as a professional son for hire. When, due to age or disability, people can no longer manage their financial or personal affairs, adult children generally step in and help. That is how it should be. But when there is no family–or no family available, able, or willing to help, or perhaps intra-family conflict is a factor–that is where I come in.” Will works directly with seniors to ensure that all of their needs are met in a compassionate and professional manner. This can be a tremendous relief to family members who live at a distance and would like to provide that help, but can’t.

When it comes to providing services to clients, he doesn’t do everything himself, but acts as a choir director or a coach, drawing on the expertise, skills, and resources of other professionals–tax advisers, financial planners and managers, real estate and insurance professionals, geriatric care managers, in-home care providers, organizers and cleaning services, etc.–to ensure client needs are met in the best and most cost-effective way. Services (see links to the left) are customized to meet each individual client’s situation.