Maybe you don’t move as easily or have the energy or mental focus as you used to. Running to the bank, dealing with selling the house, balancing the checkbook, and making sure the bills are all paid are just more than you can bear. Or maybe you really, really want to say no to the phone and mail solicitations for donations, but simply can’t spit out the NO when it is needed. Hiring a private professional fiduciary, and giving him or her power of attorney to act on your behalf, allows you to delegate these tasks and others like them—as many or as few as you choose. The fiduciary is accountable to you. You hold the authority to revoke the power of attorney at any time. The fiduciary can provide whatever reporting you desire. At Hoggan Fiduciary Services we make it a point to be absolutely transparent when it comes to handling client finances and financial reporting, meaning we have nothing to hide, ever, and don’t need any lead time to “get ready” for our books to be inspected. In addition, financial reports can be shared, at your direction, with other family members or friends you would like to involve in order to provide oversight and monitoring.